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Residence Visa for Family in Saudi Arabia

Residence Visa for Family in Saudi Arabia

Foreign citizens who have moved to Saudi Arabia can bring family members provided that certain requirements are met and that they apply for the right type of visa. In this case, the Saudi family visa is the main document to obtain.

If you want to move and apply for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia in 2022our specialists are at your disposal with relocation packages that include immigrating with or bringing close relatives to this country. Below, we invite you to discover these services.

The Saudi residence visa for family

The residence visa for family can be issued only to certain foreign citizens who want to bring their close relatives to Saudi Arabia.

The applicants must meet certain requirements, among which:

  • they must have lived in Saudi Arabia for at least 3 months at the time of the application;
  • they need to have suitable jobs or professions;
  • they must have a minimum income (salary) in order to apply for the visa.

The procedure is subject to other criteria as well, among which, the payment of a fee. Also, not all family members can join applicants in Saudi Arabia.

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Professions under which Saudi residents can apply for family visas

As mentioned earlier, a residence permit holder must have a specific job or profession under which he or she can apply for a Saudi family visa. However, one must not worry as the list is quite extensive and contains no less than 200 professions, therefore, the authorities here are permissive.

Among the persons who can apply for family reunification from Saudi Arabia are accountants, people who work in sales, television, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, marketing, and the maritime sector to name just a few.

Our immigration specialists can provide more information on the categories of professionals who can apply for permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

Family members that can be brought to Saudi Arabia

It is important to note that the Saudi residence visa for family is not available for all relatives of a resident. Only the wife and minor children (no older than 18 years) can be brought to live here. Also, another aspect to consider is that the minimum salary of the sponsor must be 3,500 SAR.

While in most cases the visa application can be completed online, in fact, the assistance of a specialist is usually required in order to ensure correct submission of the documents. Our lawyers can guide foreign citizens who have established themselves here and need support in filing for family visas for Saudi Arabia.

Documents to file when applying for a Saudi family visa

There are several documents that need to be prepared when applying for a Saudi residence visa for family. These are:

  • the valid passport of the applicant (it must have a validity of at least 6 months);
  • three photographs;
  • the application form;
  • a declaration form;
  • the residency visa of the Saudi iqama holder;
  • the marriage certificate and/or birth certificates of the children;

Depending on the country from where the family members come, other documents might be requested.

If you need support in filing for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia in 2022, our local advisors are at your service.

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Validity of the residence visa for family

After obtaining the visa, which takes a few days, depending on whether the application file is complete or not, the validity of the visa is 90 days. This means that within this timeframe, the recipients must travel to Saudi Arabia.

If you need support in immigrating to Saudi Arabia with or without your family, you can rely on our local specialists.

We can provide tailored guidance in obtaining a Saudi family visa depending on your country of origin. We can also provide other PRO services based on your needs.

How many foreigners live in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one of the preferred Middle Eastern destinations for foreign workers, as their number was approximately 2 million in the first quarter of 2020, according to Statista.com. Moreover, most of them were well integrated in the local workforce, as it follows:

  • more than 1,95 million people worked in the transportation sector;
  • around 51,000 persons worked in the food industry;
  • almost 4,600 foreign nationals worked in the education sector.

If you want to apply for a residence visa for family in Saudi Arabia and need supportdo not hesitate to contact our local agentsWe are at your disposal with complete immigration services, including applying for permanent residency in Saudi Arabia.