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PRO Services in Saudi Arabia

PRO Services in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the important states in the Middle East and it attracts thousands of persons every year. While some of them obtain employment contracts with Saudi companies, others find it suitable for their business objectives. One thing both categories of immigrants have in common is that they often use public relations officers (PROs) to settle here easier.

Over time, our specialists have offered PRO services to various types of clients in Saudi Arabia and have established long-term connections. You can also benefit from the same services, no matter if you are coming here for the first time or you have been here before.

Tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia

Our representatives divide the services they provide into two categories:

  • those available for private clients;
  • those available for corporate clients.

Even if the differences are not as many between them, we strive to provide personalized consultancy, so our clients benefit from our best performance.

If you want to relocate here or open a company in Saudi Arabia, our officers are at your disposal. One of the most important aspects of running a business is payroll. Paychecks, paperwork pertaining to various types of leaves, and contributions to social security are just a few examples of the paperwork that comes with having employees. You can rely on our accountants in Saudi Arabia, which also deal with employment, for this purpose.

PRO services related to documents preparation in Saudi Arabia

Some of the most requested PRO services in Saudi Arabia are related to the preparation of official documents, as the procedures need to be completed with various authorities, depending on the matter.

Our agents can prepare numerous documents, which implies:

  • drafting;
  • translation;
  • attestation/notarization.

Among the documents that usually require such attention are:

  1. personal documents (IDs, passports, birth and marriage certificates, education certificates, diplomas, health certificates);
  2. contracts of any type (employment, commercial and business, lease or rental, purchase agreements);
  3. paperwork related to obtaining various types of visas for Saudi Arabia;
  4. company incorporation papers (Memorandum and Articles of Association).

Not only do we offer support in drafting them, but we can also handle their renewal, so you don’t have to worry about administrative matters that can be easily resolved with the help of professionals.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with the quickest economic growth in the Middle East. The state has thrived over the years due to its abundant natural resources. This is one of the reasons for the influx of expats. If you plan to move, you can contact us for support in applying for residency in Saudi Arabia.

PRO services related to Saudi immigration

The Saudi residence permit or iqama is the main document a foreign national must obtain in order to legally reside in this country. To obtain it you can use our PRO services in Saudi Arabia which include multi-level assistance.

After advising you on the personal documents you need to prepare, you can send them to us via email if you are not in the country at the time you need to file them and we will handle their translation, attestation, and filing with the immigration authorities and other agencies if needed. This way, once you arrive in Saudi Arabia you will only need to pick them up.

You can also rely on the support of our lawyers in Saudi Arabia for guidance in applying for the right type of visa.

We can offer special assistance to persons seeking to relocate to this country based on investor visas. Not only does this type of residence permit require more documents, but also thorough due diligence with respect to the financial requirements to be met and that must be properly accounted for in terms of paperwork.

Obtaining an investor visa is also a way of immigration to Saudi Arabia. The requirement to obtain it depends on various aspects, case in which our specialists can guide you. We are also at your service if you decide to open a company in Saudi Arabia as part of the relocation process, so feel free to contact us.

Why use our PRO services for opening a business in Saudi Arabia

Starting a company in Saudi Arabia implies similar steps as opening an enterprise in a Western country. However, an important part of incorporating a legal entity here is translating foreign documents before filing them with the Trade Register.

Our professional service providers can draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association for any business form, as well as submit them for approval and issuance of the Incorporation Certificate.

We can also handle the setup of the corporate bank account for the deposit of the share capital, and we can also offer support in applying for the necessary business licenses in accordance with the object of activity selected.

Our PRO service in Saudi Arabia implies guidance in establishing domestic businesses and expansion of foreign companies through branch offices.

Our company formation agents in Saudi Arabia will provide more information on the essential steps of registering a company based on your needs.

Why choose Saudi Arabia as an investment destination

According to the latest data, Saudi Arabia is one of the most important Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) recipients in the Middle East, considering that:

  • in December 2020, FDI increased by 1.9 billion USD;
  • Saudi Arabia’s investments abroad expanded by 11.3 billion USD at the end of March 2021;
  • the country’s FDI portfolio registered a 7.8 billion USD growth in March 2021.

If you need PRO services in Saudi Arabia, do not hesitate to contact our specialists for a consultation.